Secretary's Report at AGM

Hon Secretary's Report for the season 2015-6

The year progressed reasonably well with all fixtures being met by us with mixed results, but in good spirit

Our Web site, whilst not the prettiest, does provide all the relevant information required, and hopefully will continue to improve in the future.

The County's Competitions Finals for 2015-6 were held at Glebelands (with one at Century) and all matches were keenly contested. We continued with certificates and a cash prize. Matters are in hand for the 2016-7 competitions.

The inter club league was completed with the finals at Century IBC, which was won by Bounds Green IBC again

The Competitive Games continued with losses in the first rounds to Kent in the Liberty Trophy, and to Essex in the Over 60's, but only by 9 and 6 shots respectively. In the Home Counties we reached the final before losing to Kent.

Of the 12 Inter County friendly matches played, we won 3 but only 6% loss on shots overall. - 65 different players were used, with 4 qualifying for full badges and 7 gaining colt badges.

Of the 3 Presidents matches, we won 2 and drew 1. The entry forms for these will be included on the inter County friendly match application form in future.

There were 6 Patrons matches played, winning 3 and drawing 1. The continued problems to attract players for these, as well as the other matches, has resulted in a suspension of them until further notice.

With continued guidance from the Presidential team, finances secure in the capable hands of Brian Tatch, matches well organised by Andy Knott (as well as assisting all of us in our duties) and the rest of the Executive, we can look forward to another happy and (hopefully) successful indoor bowling season.

Godfrey Sheldon

Hon. Secretary